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4x4 training in the snow, inclement weather and adverse conditions

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Your stories of driving in the snow

I own a 2.5 XT Forester.

Totally amazing control in ice and snow. Always gets through the obsticles and even the odd rare slip is immediately corrected. Highly recommended for all driving conditions.

We use a Series 3 all through the winter season up in the mountains

Series 3 with snow chains The winter before last we had over half a metre of snow fall and people were getting stuck everywhere. She pulled all sorts of ‘Chelsea Tractors’out, including a couple of X5’s (incl a V10) a very expensive MB ML, a Range Rover Sport and a Nissan Pathfinder...

One Frenchman enquired, after I had pulled his brother-in-laws brand new Mercedes ML out - “how old is your ‘Lond-Roveur’ Monsieur” and when I explained about 38 years old he responded “Happy Birthday Lond-Roveur” before slapping me so hard on the back I fell over!

Ok, I cheated, we had snow chains on but that day we were the only people moving in the snow – enjoy the pic....

We have a Freelander 2 td4 07 plate on standard goodyears with half the tread left.

Freelander 2 td4 in the Scottish Borders We live in the Scottish Borders there was lots of snow; too much for our Skoda 4x4, so we got a Freelander 2. It was amazing and I was really surprised at what it would drive through as long as you kept momentum up. The tyres were OK but got blocked with snow so starting off was difficult but once moving it would happily plow through snow drifts up to 4 feet high. We will be getting some better tyres for this winter, some Insa Dakars I think. The Freelander 2 did much better in the snow compared to the farmers L200

Disco in the Highlands

Freelander 2 td4 in the Scottish Borders Fitted with BF Goodrich Wranglers we made it up and down our farm road without too much problems. Got beaten with the ice though other day whilst towing a large trailer with three large hay bales on, even though I put chains on the rear wheels. Moral to the tale is that you need two sets of chains, but I have reservations on putting them on the front as the clearance looks a bit dodgy. Our farm road is between half and three-quarters of a mile and rises some six hundred and fifty feet in that distance. After using an original Disco with diff locks it took me a little time to trust the electronics. They do work until you push them a little too far and then the problem with any Disco is that when you are in the brown stuff you are in up to your neck!

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